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Make Your Wedding The Best It Can Be With These Tips

Planning a wedding can cause the most rational person to become overwhelmed with stress. In planning your wedding, you should learn everything that can ensure you of a wedding without glitches, and stay informed through the process. This article contains a wealth of information that will make planning your wedding much simpler. Make sure that […]


Preventing limb deformities after pediatric fractures

Orthopaedic researchers are one step closer to preventing life-long arm and leg deformities from childhood fractures that do not heal properly. A new study led by the University of South Australia and published in the journal Bone, sheds light on the role that a protein plays in this process. Lead author Dr. Michelle Su says […]


Saunas sustain performance for Olympic and everyday athletes

From ice baths to sauna training, if you’re watching the world’s top sportspeople prepare for the Olympics, you’re sure to see them engage in one or more of these extreme activities. While the debate continues over the pros and cons of ‘fire’ or ‘ice’ training techniques for Olympic hopefuls, new research at the University of […]


Exercise can improve sleep quality even when you don’t perceive a difference

Physical exercise has long been prescribed as a way to improve the quality of sleep. But now, researchers from Japan have found that even when exercise causes objectively measured changes in sleep quality, these changes may not be subjectively perceptible. In a study published this month in Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Tsukuba […]


Independent of cholesterol, gene variants raise risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure

High cholesterol is the most commonly understood cause of atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries that raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. But now, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified a gene that likely plays a causal role in coronary artery disease independent of cholesterol levels. The […]


Research to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in hazardous occupations

A team from the Skoltech-based NTI Center of Excellence (CoE) has succeeded in making blood pressure measurements more accurate by using standard wearable heart rate monitor data. The researchers developed novel algorithms based on ML technologies and deep neural networks that hold much promise for compact continuous health monitoring devices intended for individuals exposed to […]


Medical imaging: Displaying 3D images in 2D formats makes it easy to miss large targets in clinical settings

Three-dimensional, or volumetric, images are widely used in medical imaging. Such images faithfully represent the 3D spatial relationships present in the body. Yet 3D images are typically displayed on a two-dimensional monitor, which creates a dimensionality mismatch that must be resolved in a clinical setting where practitioners must search a 2D or a 3D image […]


Twin study shows why physical punishment leads to child behavior problems

Harsh parenting practices, not genetics, are linked to higher levels of behavior problems in children, according to a new study in the March 2021 volume of Psychological Science, which studied pairs of twins whose parents disciplined them differently. Among identical twins whose genes match perfectly but whose parents punished each twin differently, the children who […]